214 RSD News Archive - 2010

Work, work, work


After a year in which the Board seemed not to be doing much everything the Board was working on has finally been put into motion.    Here\'s a short list of the building improvements you can see have been done in the past few months and some which are still in progress:
  • The 94th Street Curbing under the fence has been replaced.  It looks much better.
  • The Roof on the South side of the building is being repaired and resurfaced.
  • The corroded, crooked short fence which was in the front of the building and wrapped around the 94th street side a bit has been removed.
  • Our old, sad Ewes have been removed and new shrubs are being planted
  • The back of the building will have some waterproofing done.

The Website has been Modified


Websites can be great assets to co-ops and condos.  Not only can they introduce the world to your home, they can also help the Board to keep you informed and involved in the building.

With that in mind we have modified the website to enable our shareholders to have access to functions and information specific to our building.

Shareholders who register can now:
  • Keep track of what the Board is doing
  • Make Suggestions to the board
  • Have access to our By-Laws
  • Upload pictures to many of the photo galleries.
If shareholders use this feature we will add more functions. 

Thank You Gardening Committee


\"214The Gardening Committee rolled up their sleeves, grabbed some trowels and transformed our tree pits from a dusty tangle of wilted weeds to the envy of the rest of the neighborhood tree pits.   Even the little birds seem to like them (as evidenced in the photo).

We would like to thank our gardening committee - Tracy Burzycki  (113) and that tall man from the sixth floor who prefers to remain unidentified (except, of course, when he appears on T.V. shows like Law & Order or in movies like Julie & Julia.).  You did a great job.

It took them many hours to plant and they certainly could have used a little help.  The work is on-going as well.  The tree pits need to be weeded.   Bulbs should planted in the fall.  Of course a few annuals should be planted again next year.

If you would be interested in joining the Gardening Committee, please sign up to pitch in.  Just use the password \"planting94\" to access the sign up sheet.


New Board Elected


The 2010 Annual meeting was held in the lobby the evening of May 26th.  A new board was elected at that time and here it is:

Larry Liberstein - President
Lori Greene - Vice President
Mara (Goldstein) Saltzman - Treasurer
John Marcus - Secretary
Cynthia Baily - Director
Peter Blume - Director
Judy Judd -  Director

The Board would like to extend a HUGE thanks to Teresa Cicala.  Teresa, you were the heart and soul of the board.   Your hard work on the newsletter coupled with your generosity while hosting the meetings will be sorely missed.  Your valuable input will be missed as well. 

The Annual Meeting is Just Around the Corner


Do you want to be more involved in the Building?  You\'ll have your chance in May, when the Annual Meeting is held.  At that meeting a new board of directors will be elected and you could be one of them.

Here are some of the perks of being on the board:
  • Every month you get to go to a meeting in a nice, cozy apartment and talk about the building.  Sometimes you\'ll get really good food.
  • You get to meet new residents before anyone else meets them.
  • Your neighbors will talk to you more than they do now.
  • The most important perk is that you\'ll get to share your ideas and concerns about the building in the most productive way.
Anyone can be on the Board.  Don\'t worry if you don\'t have expertise directly related to building management.   After a few months on the Board you\'ll know more about building management than you ever wanted to know.

Spring is here. Do you have a green thumb?


Do you have a green thumb?  Are you a closet gardener who is itching to get your hands dirty? 

Spring is here and it\'s time to plant the tree pits around the building.  We\'re looking for volunteers to help beautify the building.  

If you\'re interested sign up for the Gardening Committee    You need to enter a password.  That password is PLANTING94.