214 RSD News Archive - 2009

Dust off your Plastic Wine Glasses



Roof Deck Replacement Parts are carried to the reassembled deck.

Deck R Us assembles the deck.
It looks like we're going to have our roof deck back very, very soon.  In fact, barring rain (and recently we can't really bar rain), the work on the deck should be completed on Wednesday, July 1 and be ready for use on July 4th.

This has been a lengthy and complicated process.  The board worked very hard and delved into unknown territory to get this work done.

First, of course, the Board had to convince our insurance company that our roof deck was really broken.  Once that happened (a month after the storm that stole our deck from us) the Board had to convince them that we weren't making the roof deck repairs in Iowa, where prices are better.   That process took us well into the winter.

Next the Board had to evaluate the roof under the deck.  The good news was that the roof was in good shape.  The violent pounding it took as the roof deck was blown about by that horrific wind didn't hurt the roof surface.  The bad news was that the roof is 17 years old and nearing the end of its expected life (although there is no way to determine how many more years it could last).   The Board was faced with tough decision.

Adding a new roof membrane on the north half of the roof before the deck was reassembled, as the Building's architect suggested, would cost money.  The Board hates to spend money.    However, if the roof degenerated to the point where it needs to be replaced in a couple of years the deck would have to be disassembled and reassembled.  That also costs money.    

Crane to deliver deck materials and remove debris.
Men working to unload the replacement deck parts.

The Board decided that it would be cheaper in the long run to play it safe and follow our architect's recommendation.

Juno (our LL11 contractor) was great.  They put 12 men on the job to get the membrane down in time for the deck to be reassembled.   They got it down in record time even though they had to fight the rain.

On Saturday, June 27, a crane arrived to remove the damaged deck parts and to hoist up the replacement parts.    The men worked like mad primarily because the City closed off 93rd Street instead of 94th Street.  OOPS!

Today, Monday June 29th, the roof deck is being assembled   All work should be completed on Wednesday, July 1st if everything goes well and the weather holds out. 

So dust off those plastic wine glasses, buy some extra sun screen and get ready for the deck.  We'll have it back just in time for the real summer.

By the way, it should be OK for at least another nine years.  According to the historical record (which can be read in our "about" page) no nasty wind storm will happen again until at least 2018.    Every devastating wind storm that has torn off bits of our building has occurred on a year that ended with the number 8. 

Front Steps to be Repaired


One of the extra things we're doing while we're completing Local Law 11 is to repair the front steps.  If you haven't noticed the riser on the bottom step is buckling and threatening to give way.  We are concerned that it will do just that if we neglect it for another winter.

We're going to be inconvenienced for a little while as the steps are repaired and some additional work is done on the entrance.  We will be using the service entrance rather than the front door when the work is being done.  The work will take about a week.

The intercom will be unusable.  For that reason we need everyone to send their phone number to our managing agent so the guard at the service entrance can call you when guests or deliveries arrive.    You can send Lisa your phone number by emailing her assistant, Lyda Meyer.

Unfortunately, if you do not give your phone number to Lisa, you're guests or delivery people will not be admitted to the building unless you appear in person at the service entrance to let them in.  So:

Make Sure You Send Your Phone Number to Lisa.

New Board Elected


At the Annual Meeting on the evening of May 15th the shareholders cast their ballots and elected a new Board of Directors. 

Your new Board of Directors looks a whole lot like your old Board of Directors with one exception.   Peter Blume has replaced Eric Vigen on the Board.

The Board of Directors now includes:

Cynthia Bailey
Peter Blume
Teresa Cicala
Lori Greene
Judy Judd
Larry Liberstein
Mara(Goldstein) Saltzman

Officers will be elected at the next board meeting to be held on June 16th.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Eric Vigen for his work on the Board. 

Also, thank you to everyone who submitted their proxy or showed up to the meeting.  Your participation is greatly appreciated. 

Firetrucks, Blockades and Steam


Many of you saw the firetrucks and police cars in front of the building.  If you didn't see them, then you probably did see that the sidewalk and street were taped off, preventing both pedestrian and automotive traffic between the entrance to 210 and our entrance and encircling a geyser of steam.

So, what happened?   The details are a little muddy.  Three separate sources had 3 different explanations for the source of the steam.  The one that seems to make the most sense, however, is that a Con Ed steam pipe broke. 

The fire trucks have left the scene.  Before leaving one member of New York's bravest told this author that the situation was safe. 

Check back soon.  When we have the full story we'll update this article.

Our Super Makes the News


Our Super, Richard Seda, made the real news today when he was quoted in an article in the New York Post.    Rich was among 3 of New York's new young Supers interviewed for the article.

It is now a matter of public record that "He loves the job and doesn't have any plans to give it up, especially because of the beautiful apartment,...."