214 RSD News Archive - 2008 News

So, What Happened to the Lights?


As many of you know, the building had major electrical issues today, Saturday, August 2.  Many apartments had only partial power.  Some had power in one room, but not in others.  Some had no power at all.

Con Ed was called and arrived quite promptly.  They determined that the problem was not theirs but was ours.  They insisted that 3 main fuses (500 Amp Fuses that attach to the grid) were blown.  We needed an electrician.

Rich arrived and started to get to work.  He called electricians from 10:00 am until 1:30 pm.  Electricians, it seems, tend not to work on Saturday. 

Finally he found someone who was willing to come and fix the problem.  He didn't have any 500 amp fuses lying around, so Rich had to find an electrical supplier who had some.  Guess What!!  Electrical suppliers also tend not to work on Saturdays.

Rich located one in China Town who was open and had the fuses.  We weren't entirely sure of which fuses were needed so Rich waited for the electrician to arrive to tell him which fuses to pick up.

The electrician found that the fuses are actually OK.  The problem turned out to be electrical cables to the street which were corroded because of a water leak from the street.  

At around 6:30 electricity was restored to the building.

Thank you Rich for all your efforts on our behalf on your day off.  We do appreciate it.

Local Law 11 Delayed until Spring


As far as Local Law 11 is concerned, we have all our ducks.  If we were to put them in a row at this time, however, we're afraid that they would all die of exposure.

If there's one thing that we've learned as a Board it's that construction projects never go as planned.  Delays are caused by a myriad of things which are outside of our control.  In this case we had trouble getting some paperwork.  We have it now, but "now" is a little too late in the season for work to start. The long and the short of this is that it's just getting too cold.   In order for repointing to be done on the building the weather must be dry and warm enough to mix and use mortar.  As winter approaches dry, warm days will become increasingly rare and this year looks like it's going to be a cold one.

The Board decided that it would be wiser to wait until spring rather than to pay the rent on scaffolding which will do nothing for 3 or 4 months other than collect massive amounts of snow (and, yes, the accumulation of massive amounts of snow is a possibility this year, so be warned).   Our money could be spent more wisely elsewhere.


Garden Planted


Have you seen the new plantings in the tree pits?  Thanks to the gardening committee we have lovely new flowers out front.

It's a great start.  The Board hopes that next year the Gardening Committee can go into full swing. 

Local Law 11 Begins


You probably all noticed that scaffolding is going up around the building.  We've thawed out our ducks and put them all in a row.  Local Law 11 work is finally beginning. 

Over the next several weeks people will be crawling all over the building hacking at mortar and kicking up a lot of dust.   We  hope that the work won't interfere too much with anyone's life and are taking steps to make sure that this is as painless a process as possible. 

In the end our building will be better for the work being done.  Also, we'll all feel better knowing that we've done all we could to prevent chunks of the building from falling off and hitting someone in the head (which is, after all, what Local Law 11 is all about).

Local Law 11 to Begin Soon


The Board is in final contract negotiations with the Local Law 11 contractor.  Once the contract is signed and all insurance document are in the scaffolding will go up.

Check the Events Calendar for the start date.  Once the Board knows that date, it will be entered into the calendar

Roof Deck Progress


Many people have asked when the roof deck will be reopened.  The Board still doesn't know the answer to that question, but we are working on it.

The Board had the architect look at the roof itself for damage and, thankfully, he found none.  The insurance adjuster has been here to look at the roof deck and he agrees that it is, indeed, damaged. 

The good news is that the Board has a contractor or two putting together bids.  Once the Board has those bids in hand they will  be better able to determine when the deck will be open again.

The Board will keep you informed on the progress.  Just check the site often for updates.