214 RSD News

Backflow Preventer Issues


Many of you might be wondering why our water pressure has decreased so dramatically.  The answer is that we were required by the City to install a device on our water line called a "backflow preventer."   This device will prevent waste water from our boiler from  flowing into the fresh water system.   Of course, waste water from our boiler has NEVER flowed into the fresh water system, but if the building receives a direct hit from an F5 tornado, the sea level rises 20 more feet or the earth reverses polarity there is a slight chance that it could.   Maybe.  Better safe than sorry, I suppose. 

Our water pressure is "Street Pressure."  That means that we have never before needed to employ pressure boosting devices to get water to flow well on all of our floors.   Gravity was all we needed.

Now that we have our mandated backflow preventer, however, gravity isn't enough.  We need a pump to boost our pressure.   Pumps, sadly, ain't cheap (neither are backflow preventers, by the way).

We are now in the process of gathering bids to install pumps.   Once we select a bid our new pumps should be installed shortly thereafter.

We are sorry for the inconvenience - particularly those of us who live on the upper floors.